Vol. 3 May 2022: Private Investigation Innovations

What comes to mind when you hear the term “private investigator”? Possibly images of secretive cloak and dagger activities like hiding out in cars with long telescopic lenses pointing out of half open windows, dark alleys with men hiding in the shadows, or maybe even a car chase or two. Makes sense as most of us have gotten our impression of a PI the good old fashion way- Television. We’ve all watched Magnum PI, Charlie’s Angels and even an old school Sherlock Holmes "who done it" but the reality is, the modern art of private investigation has rapidly changed in recent years. It is an impressive mix of human savvy and up-to-the minute technology.

Fraudulent insurance claimants, misbehaving domestic partners, and even witnesses can be tracked down and photographed, videoed or recorded quicker than ever before, and the results of such cohesion between man and machine have helped solve countless disputes and saved a fortune in unnecessary pay-outs. Snoop Investigations prides itself on being current with industry tools; always learning, adapting and growing our skills to provide dynamic results for our clients. 

One of Snoop Investigations premiere assets is being an approved user of the TLO database. The TLO database is the security industry's most comprehensive 360-degree view into a subjects identity, assets and relationships. This vital resource has enabled our investigators to have access to data on 90% of the population including social security numbers, employment,  phone and address records to name a few.

As incredibly useful this database is, SNOOP Investigations has just move to the next level with TLO's newest feature - Vehicle Sightings and License Plate Recognition. 

As a licensed private investigation firm, we can now easily access the travel history and last known locations of road-bound vehicles in the United States, when available, with direct access to the vehicle license plate recognition database. What's more, we can plot multiple sightings for the same vehicle on a single user-friendly map — an innovative way to draw meaningful insights with far less effort and far more accuracy.

Use Vehicle Sightings to:

Spot patterns by plotting multiple sightings for the same vehicle

  • Uncover the most likely locations of search subjects
  • Spot patterns by plotting multiple sightings for the same vehicle
  • Reveal predictive travel patterns
  • Identify potential associates/relationships/contacts
  • Reach subjects who are actively avoiding contact
  • Identify various types of fraud, including: garaging fraud, commercial use of a personal vehicle, pre-existing damage and more
  • Investigate claims and alibis

What we have access to is a game changer....

  • Time, date and locations for each sighting
  • Access to a database of billions of vehicle sightings 
  • View current, recent and historical sightings of 90+ days